Nutrition Data Tools

  • Nutrient Ranking Tool

    Rank foods by food groups to find out which have the most or least of any nutrient.
  • Nutrient Ratio Tool

    Rank foods high in one nutrient but low in another. (See foods High in Protein and Low in Carbs)
  • Nutrition Facts

    Get a basic overview of a food, or dig deep into analysis of over 150 nutrients.
  • Comparison Tool

    Compare protein, cabs, calories, sugar, fiber between different foods.
  • Meal Plan Calculator

    View Total Macros (Calories, Protein, Fat, Carbs) for any set of foods that make a meal. Also dig deeper to see totals for over 150 nutrients.
  • Amino Acid Calculator

    Find the total essential amino acids for your meals and recipes to see if they create a meal of complete protein.

View the detailed category lists of all 8000+ foods in the database.

Learn more about the data source, and download a copy in excel or google sheets for your own use.