Categories for Nutrition Data

Below are categories for over 8000 foods.You can also compare nutrition facts, and rank foods by nutrient density.


All (8789 Foods)
Vegetarian (2969 Foods)
Vegan (2686 Foods)

Whole Foods

Fruits and Fruit Juices (360 Foods)
Vegetables and Vegetable Products (836 Foods)
Nut and Seed Products (137 Foods)
Spices and Herbs (64 Foods)
Legumes and Legume Products (381 Foods)
American Indian/Alaska Native Foods (165 Foods)

Meats and Dairy

Dairy and Egg Products (283 Foods)
Finfish and Shellfish Products (265 Foods)
Beef Products (961 Foods)
Lamb, Veal, and Game Products (464 Foods)
Pork Products (341 Foods)
Poultry Products (389 Foods)
Sausages and Luncheon Meats (170 Foods)

Processed Foods

Cereal Grains and Pasta (181 Foods)
Fats and Oils (220 Foods)
Soups, Sauces, and Gravies (465 Foods)
Breakfast Cereals (356 Foods)
Beverages (371 Foods)
Baked Products (879 Foods)
Sweets (360 Foods)
Fast Foods (363 Foods)
Meals, Entrees, and Sidedishes (125 Foods)
Snacks (177 Foods)
Restaurant Foods (109 Foods)
Baby Foods (367 Foods)

Listing for American Indian/alaska Native Foods

Moose Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Mashu Roots Raw (Alaska Native)
Moose Liver Braised (Alaska Native)
Seal Bearded (Oogruk) Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Oil Bearded Seal (Oogruk) (Alaska Native)
Oopah (Tunicate) Whole Animal (Alaska Native)
Owl Horned Flesh Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King Chinook Smoked And Canned (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King Chinook Smoked Brined (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King Chinook Liver (Alaska Native)
Duck Scoter White-Winged Meat (Alaska Native)
Sea Cucumber Yane (Alaska Native)
Squirrel Ground Meat (Alaska Native)
Tea Tundra Herb And Laborador Combination (Alaska Native)
Walrus Meat Dried (Alaska Native)
Deer (Venison) Sitka Raw (Alaska Native)
Whale Bowhead Subcutaneous Fat (Blubber) (Alaska Native)
Whale Bowhead Skin And Subcutaneous Fat (Muktuk) (Alaska Native)
Oil Whale Bowhead (Alaska Native)
Fish Whitefish Broad Liver (Alaska Native)
Mush Blue Corn With Ash (Navajo)
Cornmeal Blue (Navajo)
Melon Banana (Navajo)
Chilchen (Red Berry Beverage) (Navajo)
Corn Dried (Navajo)
Squash Indian Cooked Boiled (Navajo)
Bread Kneel Down (Navajo)
Mutton Cooked Roasted (Navajo)
Frybread Made With Lard (Navajo)
Tamales (Navajo)
Stew Steamed Corn (Navajo)
Fish Halibut Raw With Skin (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Coho (Silver) Raw (Alaska Native)
Blueberries Wild Raw (Alaska Native)
Oil Spotted Seal (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Red Canned Bones Removed (Alaska Native)
Fish Whitefish Eggs (Alaska Native)
Caribou Rump Meat Half Dried (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Red (Sockeye) Canned Smoked (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Red (Sockeye) Kippered (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King With Skin Kippered (Alaska Native)
Fish Sheefish Raw (Alaska Native)
Buffalo Free Range Top Round Steak Raw (Shoshone Bannock)
Seal Bearded (Oogruk) Meat Partially Dried (Alaska Native)
Buffalo Free Range Top Round Steak Cooked (Shoshone Bannock)
Elk Free Range Roast Eye Of Round Raw (Shoshone Bannock)
Corn Dried Yellow (Northern Plains Indians)
Smelt Dried (Alaska Native)
Frybread Made With Lard (Apache)
Corned Beef And Potatoes In Tortilla (Apache)
Mouse Nuts Roots (Alaska Native)
Mouse Nuts Seedlings (Alaska Native)
Octopus (Alaska Native)
Seal Bearded (Oogruk) Meat Dried (Alaska Native)
Fish Pike Northern Liver (Alaska Native)
Rhubarb Wild Leaves (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Tipnuk Fermented (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King Chinook Kippered Canned (Alaska Native)
Seal Ringed Meat (Alaska Native)
Seal Ringed Liver (Alaska Native)
Soup Fish Homemade (Alaska Native)
Sourdock Young Leaves (Alaska Native)
Walrus Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Walrus Meat And Subcutaneous Fat Raw (Alaska Native)
Walrus Liver Raw (Alaska Native)
Oil Walrus (Alaska Native)
Fish Whitefish Mixed Species Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Whitefish Broad Head Eyes Cheeks And Soft Bones (Alaska Native)
Willow Leaves In Oil (Alaska Native)
Willow Young Leaves Chopped (Alaska Native)
Corn White Steamed (Navajo)
Cornmeal White (Navajo)
Cornmeal Yellow (Navajo)
Squash Indian Raw (Navajo)
Tortilla Includes Plain And From Mutton Sandwich (Navajo)
Stew Dumpling With Mutton (Navajo)
Stew Hominy With Mutton (Navajo)
Stew Mutton Corn Squash (Navajo)
Fish Salmon Sockeye (Red) Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Chum Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon King (Chinook) Raw (Alaska Native)
Salmonberries Raw (Alaska Native)
Caribou Shoulder Meat Dried (Alaska Native)
Caribou Hind Quarter Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Seal Bearded (Oogruk) Meat Dried In Oil (Alaska Native)
Fish Whitefish Dried (Alaska Native)
Seal Bearded (Oogruk) Meat Low Quadrant Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Salmon Chum Dried (Alaska Native)
Elk Free Range Ground Cooked Patties (Shoshone Bannock)
Elk Free Range Ground Raw (Shoshone Bannock)
Elk Free Range Roast Eye Of Round Cooked (Shoshone Bannock)
Chokecherries Raw Pitted (Shoshone Bannock)
Steelhead Trout Dried Flesh (Shoshone Bannock)
Steelhead Trout Boiled Canned (Alaska Native)
Acorn Stew (Apache)
Agutuk Fish/berry With Seal Oil (Alaskan Ice Cream) (Alaska Native)
Agutuk Meat-Caribou (Alaskan Ice Cream) (Alaska Native)
Ascidians (Tunughnak) (Alaska Native)
Whale Beluga Flipper Raw (Alaska Native)
Whale Beluga Liver Raw (Alaska Native)
Oil Beluga Whale (Alaska Native)
Blackberries Wild Raw (Alaska Native)
Caribou Liver Raw (Alaska Native)
Stew/soup Caribou (Alaska Native)
Caribou Tongue Raw (Alaska Native)
Chiton Leathery Gumboots (Alaska Native)
Fish Devilfish Meat (Alaska Native)
Fireweed Young Leaves Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Herring Eggs On Giant Kelp Pacific (Alaska Native)
Fish Herring Eggs Pacific Dry (Alaska Native)
Stew Moose (Alaska Native)
Agave Cooked (Southwest)
Agave Dried (Southwest)
Cattail Narrow Leaf Shoots (Northern Plains Indians)
Lambsquarters Raw (Northern Plains Indians)
Prairie Turnips Boiled (Northern Plains Indians)
Raspberries Wild (Northern Plains Indians)
Rose Hips Wild (Northern Plains Indians)
Chokecherries Raw Pitted (Northern Plains Indians)
Sea Lion Steller Liver (Alaska Native)
Sea Lion Steller Kidney (Alaska Native)
Sea Lion Steller Heart (Alaska Native)
Sea Lion Steller Meat (Alaska Native)
Piki Bread Made From Blue Cornmeal (Hopi)
Wocas Tuber Cooked Oregon Yellow Pond Lily (Klamath)
Stew Pinto Bean And Hominy Badufsuki (Hopi)
Tamales Masa And Pork Filling (Hopi)
Bear Black Meat (Alaska Native)
Bear Polar Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Whale Beluga Meat Dried (Alaska Native)
Whale Beluga Eyes (Alaska Native)
Whale Beluga Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Blackfish Whole (Alaska Native)
Blueberries Wild Frozen (Alaska Native)
Caribou Bone Marrow Raw (Alaska Native)
Caribou Eye Raw (Alaska Native)
Cloudberries Raw (Alaska Native)
Cockles Raw (Alaska Native)
Cranberries Wild Bush Raw (Alaska Native)
Cranberry Low Bush Or Lingenberry Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Herring Eggs Pacific Plain (Alaska Native)
Fish Herring Pacific Flesh Air-Dried Packed In Oil (Alaska Native)
Huckleberries Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Lingcod Meat Raw (Alaska Native)
Fish Lingcod Liver (Alaska Native)
Tennis Bread Plain (Apache)
Fish Halibut Cooked With Skin (Alaska Native)
Salmon Red (Sockeye) Filets With Skin Smoked (Alaska Native)
Agave Raw (Southwest)
Lambsquarters Steamed (Northern Plains Indians)
Prickly Pears Raw (Northern Plains Indians)
Prickly Pears Broiled (Northern Plains Indians)
Prairie Turnips Raw (Northern Plains Indians)
Stinging Nettles Blanched (Northern Plains Indians)
Plums Wild (Northern Plains Indians)
Pinon Nuts Roasted (Navajo)
Caribou Hind Quarter Meat Cooked (Alaska Native)
Agutuk Fish With Shortening (Alaskan Ice Cream) (Alaska Native)
Sea Lion Steller Meat With Fat (Alaska Native)
Sea Lion Steller Fat (Alaska Native)
Wocas Dried Seeds Oregon Yellow Pond Lily (Klamath)
Hazelnuts Beaked (Northern Plains Indians)
Tea Herbal Brewed Hohoysi (Hopi)
Tortilla Blue Corn Sakwavikaviki (Hopi)
Bread Blue Corn Somiviki (Hopi)