Categories for Nutrition Data

Below are categories for over 8000 foods.You can also compare nutrition facts, and rank foods by nutrient density.


All (8789 Foods)
Vegetarian (2969 Foods)
Vegan (2686 Foods)

Whole Foods

Fruits and Fruit Juices (360 Foods)
Vegetables and Vegetable Products (836 Foods)
Nut and Seed Products (137 Foods)
Spices and Herbs (64 Foods)
Legumes and Legume Products (381 Foods)
American Indian/Alaska Native Foods (165 Foods)

Meats and Dairy

Dairy and Egg Products (283 Foods)
Finfish and Shellfish Products (265 Foods)
Beef Products (961 Foods)
Lamb, Veal, and Game Products (464 Foods)
Pork Products (341 Foods)
Poultry Products (389 Foods)
Sausages and Luncheon Meats (170 Foods)

Processed Foods

Cereal Grains and Pasta (181 Foods)
Fats and Oils (220 Foods)
Soups, Sauces, and Gravies (465 Foods)
Breakfast Cereals (356 Foods)
Beverages (371 Foods)
Baked Products (879 Foods)
Sweets (360 Foods)
Fast Foods (363 Foods)
Meals, Entrees, and Sidedishes (125 Foods)
Snacks (177 Foods)
Restaurant Foods (109 Foods)
Baby Foods (367 Foods)

Listing for Sausages And Luncheon Meats

Bologna Beef And Pork Low Fat
Sausage Turkey And Pork Fresh Bulk Patty Or Link Cooked
Frankfurter Beef Low Fat
Pork Sausage Rice Links Brown And Serve Cooked
Ham Turkey Sliced Extra Lean Prepackaged Or Deli
Bologna Beef Low Fat
Beef Bologna Reduced Sodium
Frankfurter Low Sodium
Frankfurter Meat And Poultry Low Fat
Beef Cured Luncheon Meat Jellied
Beef Cured Pastrami
Beef Cured Corned Beef Canned
Beef Cured Dried
Sausage Beef Cured Cooked Smoked
Beef Chopped Cured Smoked
Barbecue Loaf Pork Beef
Beerwurst Beer Salami Pork
Sausage Berliner Pork Beef
Blood Sausage
Bockwurst Pork Veal Raw
Bratwurst Pork Cooked
Braunschweiger (A Liver Sausage) Pork
Bratwurst Pork Beef Link
Cheesefurter Cheese Smokie Pork Beef
Frankfurter Chicken
Frankfurter Turkey
Ham Chopped Canned
Ham Chopped Not Canned
Ham And Cheese Loaf Or Roll
Ham And Cheese Spread
Headcheese Pork
Sausage Italian Pork Mild Raw
Sausage Pork And Turkey Pre-Cooked
Frankfurter Meat And Poultry Cooked Boiled
Frankfurter Meat And Poultry Cooked Grilled
Pork Sausage Link/patty Reduced Fat Unprepared
Pork Sausage Link/patty Reduced Fat Cooked Pan-Fried
Bologna Meat And Poultry
Meatballs Frozen Italian Style
Bacon Turkey Microwaved
Bacon Turkey Low Sodium
Beerwurst Beer Salami Pork And Beef
Bologna Beef
Bologna Beef And Pork
Olive Loaf Pork
Pastrami Turkey
Pate Chicken Liver Canned
Pate Goose Liver Smoked Canned
Pate Liver Not Specified Canned
Luxury Loaf Pork
Mother's Loaf Pork
Picnic Loaf Pork Beef
Pork Sausage Link/patty Unprepared
Salami Cooked Beef
Salami Cooked Beef And Pork
Salami Cooked Turkey
Salami Dry Or Hard Pork
Sausage Smoked Link Sausage Pork And Beef (Nonfat Dry Milk Added)
Thuringer Cervelat Summer Sausage Beef Pork
Turkey Breast Sliced Prepackaged
Sausage Vienna Canned Chicken Beef Pork
Honey Roll Sausage Beef
Oscar Mayer Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (Sliced)
Oscar Mayer Chicken Breast (Honey Glazed)
Oscar Mayer Ham (Chopped With Natural Juice)
Oscar Mayer Salami (Hard)
Sausage Turkey Pork And Beef Low Fat Smoked
Frankfurter Beef Pork And Turkey Fat Free
Luncheon Meat Pork Ham And Chicken Minced Canned Reduced Sodium Added Ascorbic Acid Includes Spam 25% Less Sodium
Luncheon Meat Pork With Ham Minced Canned Includes Spam (Hormel)
Sausage Italian Sweet Links
Sausage Polish Beef With Chicken Hot
Sausage Polish Pork And Beef Smoked
Sausage Pork And Beef With Cheddar Cheese Smoked
Bratwurst Beef And Pork Smoked
Bratwurst Chicken Cooked
Bratwurst Pork Beef And Turkey Lite Smoked
Pastrami Beef 98% Fat-Free
Yachtwurst With Pistachio Nuts Cooked
Beerwurst Pork And Beef
Chicken Breast Fat-Free Mesquite Flavor Sliced
Chicken Breast Oven-Roasted Fat-Free Sliced
Frankfurter Pork
Macaroni And Cheese Loaf Chicken Pork And Beef
Salami Italian Pork And Beef Dry Sliced 50% Less Sodium
Pate Truffle Flavor
Frankfurter Meat
Scrapple Pork
Bologna Chicken Turkey Pork
Pork Sausage Link/patty Fully Cooked Microwaved
Bologna Pork
Bologna Turkey
Chicken Spread
Sausage Pork Chorizo Link Or Ground Raw
Corned Beef Loaf Jellied
Dutch Brand Loaf Chicken Pork And Beef
Frankfurter Beef Unheated
Ham Sliced Pre-Packaged Deli Meat (96%fat Free Water Added)
Ham Sliced Regular (Approximately 11% Fat)
Ham Minced
Ham Salad Spread
Knackwurst Knockwurst Pork Beef
Lebanon Bologna Beef
Liver Cheese Pork
Liver Sausage Liverwurst Pork
Sausage Turkey Fresh Cooked
Bologna Chicken Pork Beef
Bologna Chicken Pork
Chicken Breast Deli Rotisserie Seasoned Sliced Prepackaged
Frankfurter Meat And Poultry Unheated
Pork Sausage Link/patty Fully Cooked Unheated
Kielbasa Fully Cooked Grilled
Kielbasa Fully Cooked Pan-Fried
Kielbasa Fully Cooked Unheated
Sausage Chicken Or Turkey Italian Style Lower Sodium
Ham Smoked Extra Lean Low Sodium
Pork Sausage Reduced Sodium Cooked
Sausage Pork Turkey And Beef Reduced Sodium
Roast Beef Deli Style Prepackaged Sliced
Luncheon Meat Pork Canned
Turkey Breast Low Salt Prepackaged Or Deli Luncheon Meat
Mortadella Beef Pork
Peppered Loaf Pork Beef
Pepperoni Beef And Pork Sliced
Pickle And Pimiento Loaf Pork
Polish Sausage Pork
Pork Sausage Link/patty Cooked Pan-Fried
Sausage Pork And Beef Fresh Cooked
Sausage Turkey Reduced Fat Brown And Serve Cooked
Poultry Salad Sandwich Spread
Salami Dry Or Hard Pork Beef
Sandwich Spread Pork Beef
Sausage Smoked Link Sausage Pork
Sausage Smoked Link Sausage Pork And Beef
Sausage Italian Pork Mild Cooked Pan-Fried
Luncheon Sausage Pork And Beef
Sausage New England Brand Pork Beef
Oscar Mayer Bologna (Beef)
Oscar Mayer Smokies Sausage Little Cheese (Pork Turkey)
Oscar Mayer Wieners (Beef Franks)
Bacon Turkey Unprepared
Hormel Pillow Pak Sliced Turkey Pepperoni
Luncheon Meat Pork And Chicken Minced Canned Includes Spam Lite
Bratwurst Veal Cooked
Liverwurst Spread
Roast Beef Spread
Salami Pork Beef Less Sodium
Sausage Summer Pork And Beef Sticks With Cheddar Cheese
Sausage Turkey Breakfast Links Mild Raw
Swisswurst Pork And Beef With Swiss Cheese Smoked
Bacon And Beef Sticks
Salami Italian Pork
Sausage Italian Turkey Smoked
Sausage Chicken Beef Pork Skinless Smoked
Sausage Turkey Hot Smoked
Kielbasa Polish Turkey And Beef Smoked
Chicken Breast Roll Oven-Roasted
Bologna Pork And Turkey Lite
Bologna Pork Turkey And Beef
Ham Honey Smoked Cooked
Turkey Breast Smoked Lemon Pepper Flavor 97% Fat-Free
Turkey White Rotisserie Deli Cut
Frankfurter Beef Heated
Frankfurter Meat Heated
Sausage Breakfast Sausage Beef Pre-Cooked Unprepared
Sausage Turkey Fresh Raw
Sausage Beef Fresh Cooked