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200 Baked Foods Highest in Omega 6s

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  1. Pie Crust Standard-type Frozen Ready-to-bake Unenriched
    14501mg in 1 crust, single 9 Inch
  2. Pie Crust Cookie-type Prepared From Recipe Vanilla Wafer Chilled
    13126mg in 1 cup
  3. Yellow Cake With Chocolate Frosting
    5828mg in 1 piece (1/12 of a cake)
  4. Puff Pastry Frozen Ready-to-bake Baked
    5578mg in 1 oz
  5. Chocolate Cake With Frosting
    5477mg in 1 piece (1/12 of a cake)
  6. Bread Pound Cake Type Pan De Torta Salvadoran
    4485mg in 1 serving
  7. Cream Puff Eclair Custard Or Cream Filled Iced
    4369mg in 4 oz
  8. Blueberry Pie
    4101mg in 1 piece (1/8 of 9 Inch dia)
  9. Yellow Cake With Vanilla Frosting
    3954mg in 1 serving
  10. Bread Cheese
    3890mg in 1 slice
  11. Pie Crust Cookie-type Chocolate Ready Crust
    3589mg in 1 crust
  12. Upside-down Pineapple Cake
    3558mg in 1 piece (1/9 of 8 Inch square)
  13. Apple Strudel
    3551mg in 1 piece
  14. Cookies Peanut Butter Sandwich Special Dietary
    3253mg in 1 oz
  15. Cookies Peanut Butter Commercially Prepared Sugar Free
    3043mg in 1 serving 3 cookies
  16. Gingerbread Cake
    2922mg in 1 piece (1/9 of 8 Inch square)
  17. Cookies Sugar Wafer With Creme Filling Sugar Free
    2841mg in 1 oz
  18. Cookies Chocolate Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks
    2684mg in 1 serving
  19. Cookies Oatmeal Sandwich With Creme Filling
    2657mg in 1 cookie 1 serving
  20. Pie Dutch Apple Commercially Prepared
    2620mg in 1/8 pie 1 pie (1/8 of 9 Inch pie)
  21. Crackers Wheat Regular
    2546mg in 16 crackers 1 serving
  22. Chocolate Cake
    2447mg in 1 piece (1/12 of 9 Inch dia)
  23. Cookies Brownies Prepared From Recipe
    2399mg in 1 oz
  24. Crackers Sandwich-type Peanut Butter Filled Reduced Fat
    2397mg in 1 package
  25. Crackers Toast Thins Low Sodium
    2372mg in 1 serving
  26. Garlic Bread Frozen
    2308mg in 1 slice presliced
  27. Biscuits Plain Or Buttermilk Dry Mix
    2288mg in 1 cup, purchased
  28. White Cake With Coconut Frosting
    2269mg in 1 piece (1/12 of 9 Inch dia)
  29. Cake Yellow Prepared From Recipe Without Frosting
    2263mg in 1 piece (1/12 of 8 Inch dia)
  30. Taco Shells Baked Without Added Salt
    2255mg in 1 oz
  31. Cinnamon Buns Frosted (includes Honey Buns)
    2190mg in 1 bun
  32. Puff Pastry
    2183mg in 1 shell
  33. Cake White Prepared From Recipe Without Frosting
    2182mg in 1 piece (1/12 of 9 Inch dia)
  34. Cookies Chocolate Chip Prepared From Recipe Made With Margarine
    2148mg in 1 oz
  35. Cookies Chocolate Sandwich With Creme Filling Special Dietary
    2095mg in 1 oz
  36. Cookies Shortbread Commercially Prepared Plain
    2082mg in 1 oz
  37. Cookies Chocolate Chip Sandwich With Creme Filling
    2046mg in 1 cookie
  38. Bread Salvadoran Sweet Cheese (quesadilla Salvadorena)
    2043mg in 1 serving (approximate serving size)
  39. Waffles Chocolate Chip Frozen Ready-to-heat
    2041mg in 2 waffles
  40. Sweet Rolls Cinnamon Commercially Prepared With Raisins
    1994mg in 1 oz
  41. Cookies Vanilla Sandwich With Creme Filling
    1991mg in 1 oz
  42. Cream Puff Shell Prepared From Recipe
    1984mg in 1 oz
  43. Muffins Blueberry Commercially Prepared (includes Mini-muffins)
    1981mg in 1 oz
  44. Cookies Peanut Butter Prepared From Recipe
    1978mg in 1 oz
  45. Cookies Sugar Prepared From Recipe Made With Margarine
    1977mg in 1 oz
  46. Pie Crust Standard-type Prepared From Recipe Baked
    1970mg in 1 piece (1/8 of 9 Inch crust)
  47. Pie Crust Cookie-type Prepared From Recipe Graham Cracker Chilled
    1943mg in 1 piece (1/8 of 9 Inch crust)
  48. Usda Commodity Bakery Flour Mix
    1910mg in 100 grams
  49. Bread Paratha Whole Wheat Commercially Prepared Frozen
    1894mg in 1 piece
  50. Pastry Pastelitos De Guava (guava Pastries)
    1865mg in 1 piece
  51. Crackers Standard Snack-type Regular
    1851mg in 5 crackers
  52. Pie Crust Standard-type Prepared From Recipe Unbaked
    1830mg in 1 piece (1/8 of 9 Inch crust)
  53. Hush Puppies Prepared From Recipe
    1815mg in 1 oz
  54. Cookies Chocolate Chip Commercially Prepared Regular Lower Fat
    1805mg in 1 serving 3 cookies
  55. Cake Pound Commercially Prepared Butter (includes Fresh And Frozen)
    1804mg in 1/6 loaf 1/6 of the loaf
  56. Cookies Oatmeal Commercially Prepared Special Dietary
    1790mg in 1 oz
  57. Crackers Wheat Reduced Fat
    1789mg in 1 serving
  58. Cookies Vanilla Wafers Higher Fat
    1784mg in 8 wafers
  59. Cookies Chocolate Made With Rice Cereal
    1773mg in 1 cookie
  60. Crackers Whole Grain Sandwich-type With Peanut Butter Filling
    1726mg in 6 cracker 1 serving
  61. Crackers Whole-wheat
    1704mg in 1 serving
  62. Waffles Plain Prepared From Recipe
    1697mg in 1 oz
  63. Cinnamon Coffeecake
    1678mg in 1 individual cake
  64. Bread Naan Plain Commercially Prepared Refrigerated
    1626mg in 1 piece
  65. Muffins Corn Toaster-type
    1586mg in 1 oz
  66. Toaster Pastries Fruit Frosted (include Apples Blueberry Cherry Strawberry)
    1578mg in 1 piece
  67. Cookies Brownies Dry Mix Regular
    1576mg in 1 oz
  68. Bread Sticks Plain
    1553mg in 1 cup, small pieces
  69. Muffins Corn Prepared From Recipe Made With Low Fat (2%) Milk
    1546mg in 1 oz
  70. Pie Pecan Prepared From Recipe
    1534mg in 1 oz
  71. Cookies Oatmeal Prepared From Recipe Without Raisins
    1515mg in 1 oz
  72. Cookie With Peanut Butter Filling Chocolate-coated
    1515mg in 2 cookies
  73. Crackers Cheese Reduced Fat
    1488mg in 1 serving
  74. Cookie Butter Or Sugar With Chocolate Icing Or Filling
    1466mg in 3 cookies
  75. Crackers Multigrain
    1461mg in 4 crackers
  76. Doughnuts Cake-type Plain (includes Unsugared Old-fashioned)
    1443mg in 1 donut
  77. Muffins Plain Prepared From Recipe Made With Low Fat (2%) Milk
    1433mg in 1 oz
  78. Rolls Gluten-free Whole Grain Made With Tapioca Starch And Brown Rice Flour
    1396mg in 1 roll
  79. Udis Gluten Free Whole Grain Dinner Rolls
    1396mg in 1 roll
  80. Muffins Blueberry Toaster-type Toasted
    1374mg in 1 oz
  81. Pie Fried Pies Fruit
    1365mg in 1 oz
  82. Pie Fried Pies Cherry
    1365mg in 1 oz
  83. Pie Fried Pies Lemon
    1365mg in 1 oz
  84. Cookies Oatmeal Prepared From Recipe With Raisins
    1363mg in 1 oz
  85. Muffins Blueberry Prepared From Recipe Made With Low Fat (2%) Milk
    1350mg in 1 oz
  86. Muffins Blueberry Toaster-type
    1341mg in 1 oz
  87. Cookies Peanut Butter Refrigerated Dough Baked
    1335mg in 1 oz
  88. Cookies Peanut Butter Refrigerated Dough
    1328mg in 1 oz
  89. Cookies Chocolate Chip Commercially Prepared Special Dietary
    1328mg in 1 oz
  90. Cookies Animal With Frosting Or Icing
    1321mg in 8 cookies 1 serving
  91. Crackers Cheese Regular
    1317mg in 1/2 oz
  92. Sage Valley Gluten Free Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
    1313mg in 3 cookies
  93. Bread Naan Whole Wheat Commercially Prepared Refrigerated
    1295mg in 1 piece
  94. Crackers Standard Snack-type Regular Low Salt
    1259mg in 1/2 oz
  95. Muffins Wheat Bran Toaster-type With Raisins Toasted
    1235mg in 1 oz
  96. Pie Chocolate Creme Commercially Prepared
    1219mg in 1 serving .167 pie
  97. Biscuits Plain Or Buttermilk Refrigerated Dough Higher Fat Baked
    1218mg in 1 biscuit
  98. Chocolate Coated Graham Crackers
    1217mg in 3 pieces
  99. Crackers Wheat Sandwich With Cheese Filling
    1208mg in 1/2 oz
  100. Cookies Brownies Dry Mix Sugar Free
    1207mg in 1 oz
  101. Cookies Peanut Butter Commercially Prepared Soft-type
    1205mg in 1 oz
  102. Crackers Wheat Sandwich With Peanut Butter Filling
    1198mg in 1/2 oz
  103. Cake Yellow Unenriched Dry Mix
    1155mg in 1 oz
  104. Plain Buttermilk Biscuits
    1149mg in 1 oz
  105. Coconut Custard Pie
    1136mg in 1 piece (1/6 of 8 Inch pie)
  106. Cookies Sugar Wafer Chocolate-covered
    1127mg in 3 cookie
  107. Pancakes Buttermilk Prepared From Recipe
    1123mg in 1 oz
  108. Cookies Shortbread Commercially Prepared Pecan
    1111mg in 1 oz
  109. Pancakes Plain Prepared From Recipe
    1111mg in 1 oz
  110. Fig Bars
    1111mg in 1 Figaroo (2 square halves)
  111. Danish Pastry Nut (includes Almond Raisin Nut Cinnamon Nut)
    1108mg in 1 oz
  112. Biscuits Plain Or Buttermilk Prepared From Recipe
    1108mg in 1 oz
  113. Cookies Graham Crackers Plain Or Honey Lowfat
    1105mg in 1 serving
  114. Biscuits Plain Or Buttermilk Frozen Baked
    1102mg in 1 oz
  115. Cookies Chocolate Wafers
    1098mg in 1 oz
  116. French Bread
    1097mg in 1 slice
  117. Cookie Chocolate With Icing Or Coating
    1084mg in 4 cookies
  118. Pie Crust Standard-type Dry Mix
    1070mg in 1 oz
  119. Cookies Gluten-free Vanilla Sandwich With Creme Filling
    1057mg in 3 cookies
  120. Crackers Standard Snack-type With Whole Wheat
    1056mg in 5 crackers 1 serving
  121. Cookies Peanut Butter Sandwich Regular
    1047mg in 1 oz
  122. Cookies Chocolate Chip Prepared From Recipe Made With Butter
    1046mg in 1 oz
  123. Pancakes Plain Reduced Fat
    1042mg in 1 serving 3 pancakes
  124. Muffins Oat Bran
    1041mg in 1 oz
  125. Pancakes Blueberry Prepared From Recipe
    1040mg in 1 oz
  126. Cookies Vanilla Wafers Lower Fat
    1030mg in 1 oz
  127. Pancakes Plain Frozen Ready-to-heat (includes Buttermilk)
    1029mg in 1 oz
  128. Cookies Chocolate Sandwich With Creme Filling Reduced Fat
    1025mg in 1 serving
  129. Cookie Vanilla With Caramel Coconut And Chocolate Coating
    1000mg in 2 cookies
  130. Cake Pudding-type Marble Dry Mix
    998mg in 1 oz
  131. Pie Peach
    990mg in 1 oz
  132. Tortillas Ready-to-bake Or -fry Flour Refrigerated
    989mg in 1 tortilla
  133. Pie Egg Custard Commercially Prepared
    976mg in 1 oz
  134. Cake Pudding-type Carrot Dry Mix
    976mg in 1 oz
  135. Pie Lemon Meringue Commercially Prepared
    970mg in 1 oz
  136. Cake Shortcake Biscuit-type Prepared From Recipe
    966mg in 1 oz
  137. Cookies Chocolate Chip Commercially Prepared Regular Higher Fat Enriched
    966mg in 1 cookie
  138. Cookies Sugar Commercially Prepared Regular (includes Vanilla)
    956mg in 1 oz
  139. Pie Pecan Commercially Prepared
    955mg in 1 oz
  140. Cookies Peanut Butter Commercially Prepared Regular
    939mg in 1 oz
  141. Doughnuts Yeast-leavened Glazed Enriched (includes Honey Buns)
    928mg in 1 oz
  142. Bread Stuffing Bread Dry Mix Prepared
    926mg in 1 oz
  143. Whole Wheat Bread
    925mg in 2 slices
  144. Bread Cornbread Dry Mix Prepared With 2% Milk 80% Margarine And Eggs
    920mg in 1 muffin
  145. Crackers Whole-wheat Reduced Fat
    916mg in 1 serving
  146. Pie Vanilla Cream Prepared From Recipe
    910mg in 1 oz
  147. Waffles Whole Wheat Lowfat Frozen Ready-to-heat
    907mg in 1 serving 2 waffles
  148. Crackers Saltines Whole Wheat (includes Multi-grain)
    901mg in 1 serving
  149. Rolls Hamburger Or Hot Dog Whole Wheat
    898mg in 1 roll
  150. Crackers Cheese Sandwich-type With Cheese Filling
    894mg in 6 cracker 1 cracker = 6.5g
  151. Pie Apple Prepared From Recipe
    890mg in 1 oz
  152. Pie Lemon Meringue Prepared From Recipe
    886mg in 1 oz
  153. Crackers Whole-wheat Low Salt
    883mg in 1/2 oz
  154. Bread Cinnamon
    874mg in 1 slice 1 serving
  155. Ice Cream Cones Cake Or Wafer-type
    874mg in 1 oz
  156. Pie Banana Cream Prepared From Recipe
    871mg in 1 oz
  157. Cheese Croissants
    869mg in 1 croissant, small
  158. Cookies Sugar Wafers With Creme Filling Regular
    867mg in 3 cookies
  159. Pie Cherry Prepared From Recipe
    865mg in 1 oz
  160. Crackers Cheese Whole Grain
    865mg in 1 serving 55 pieces
  161. Tortillas Ready-to-bake Or -fry Flour Shelf Stable
    864mg in 1 tortilla
  162. Coffeecake Cinnamon With Crumb Topping Dry Mix
    855mg in 1 oz
  163. Muffin Blueberry Commercially Prepared Low-fat
    849mg in 1 muffin small
  164. Interstate Brands Corp Wonder Hamburger Rolls
    843mg in 1 serving
  165. Bread Banana Prepared From Recipe Made With Margarine
    843mg in 1 oz
  166. Bagels Wheat
    842mg in 1 bagel
  167. Bread Roll Mexican Bollilo
    842mg in 1 piece
  168. Toasted White Bread
    841mg in 1 cup, crumbs
  169. Cake Fruitcake Commercially Prepared
    840mg in 1 oz
  170. Cake White Dry Mix Special Dietary (includes Lemon-flavored)
    840mg in 1 oz
  171. Coffeecake Cinnamon With Crumb Topping Commercially Prepared Unenriched
    836mg in 1 oz
  172. Coffeecake Cinnamon With Crumb Topping Dry Mix Prepared
    832mg in 1 oz
  173. Toaster Pastries Fruit (includes Apple Blueberry Cherry Strawberry)
    824mg in 1 oz
  174. Doughnuts Yeast-leavened With Creme Filling
    824mg in 1 oz
  175. Rolls Hamburger Or Hot Dog Wheat/cracked Wheat
    823mg in 1 roll
  176. Pie Blueberry Prepared From Recipe
    821mg in 1 oz
  177. Glutino Gluten Free Cookies Vanilla Creme
    819mg in 3 cookies
  178. Bread Whole-wheat Prepared From Recipe Toasted
    818mg in 1 oz
  179. Cookies Chocolate Sandwich With Creme Filling Regular Chocolate-coated
    811mg in 1 oz
  180. Bread Cornbread Prepared From Recipe Made With Low Fat (2%) Milk
    807mg in 1 oz
  181. Cookies Oatmeal Refrigerated Dough Baked
    800mg in 1 oz
  182. Cookies Brownies Commercially Prepared Reduced Fat With Added Fiber
    791mg in 1 brownie 1 serving
  183. Danish Pastry Cinnamon Enriched
    787mg in 1 oz
  184. Danish Pastry Cinnamon Unenriched
    787mg in 1 oz
  185. Bread Pan Dulce Sweet Yeast Bread
    786mg in 1 slice (average weight of 1 slice)
  186. Doughnuts Yeast-leavened Glazed Unenriched (includes Honey Buns)
    779mg in 1 oz
  187. Doughnuts Cake-type Plain Sugared Or Glazed
    777mg in 1 oz
  188. Cookies Sugar Refrigerated Dough Baked
    776mg in 1 oz
  189. Cookies Sugar Refrigerated Dough
    773mg in 1 serving
  190. Cookies Gluten-free Lemon Wafer
    762mg in 3 cookies
  191. Glutino Gluten Free Wafers Lemon Flavored
    762mg in 3 cookies
  192. Pie Mince Prepared From Recipe
    756mg in 1 oz
  193. Cookies Gluten-free Chocolate Sandwich With Creme Filling
    755mg in 3 cookies
  194. Glutino Gluten Free Cookies Chocolate Vanilla Creme
    755mg in 3 cookies
  195. Cookies Oatmeal Dry Mix
    754mg in 1 oz
  196. Cake Snack Cakes Not Chocolate With Icing Or Filling Low-fat With Added Fiber
    752mg in 1 cake 1 serving
  197. Vans Gluten Free Totally Original Waffles
    752mg in 1 waffle
  198. Bread Whole-wheat Prepared From Recipe
    744mg in 1 oz
  199. Bread Stuffing Cornbread Dry Mix Prepared
    735mg in 1 oz
  200. Pancakes Plain Dry Mix Incomplete Prepared
    731mg in 1 oz

Data Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28.