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The nutrition facts on this website are driven by the USDA Food Data Central. You can find the raw files here, along with the documentation.

Tools to Help You Use the Data

A core mission of is to provide easy to use and understand nutrition data tools. Here is what we have created so far:

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View the Nutrition Facts Google Spreadsheet Here
When using Google Docs you need to go to "File" then "Make a Copy" to edit the file. This will also be easier if you have a google account (gmail account).

Click to Download the Excel file (.xlsx) File size: 6.8 MB

The default serving size for the spreadsheet is 100 grams. There are 28.4g in an ounce (oz). So to convert to ounces, multiply each value by 0.284.

This is's release of the SR Legacy and FNDDS data in a flat-file Google Docs Sheet. There are over 14,000 foods. With this spreadsheet, you can filter down to the foods you want, and make your own calculations or tables.

The latest version of this spreadsheet is on Google Docs here, or you can download the excel file here (6.8 MB). Give us your feedback to make the next version better.

Looking for Detailed Fat Data?

Check the version of the nutrition facts spreadsheet with detailed fat breakouts on Google Sheets.
Or download the Excel version here (.xlsx). File size: (9.5MB)

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